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X Care, Inc is a multi-service company. We specialize in both GPS medical systems and in orthodic durable medical braces. All of the products we offer are the highest available grade and quality, which means not only are we second to none in our field, but that you are getting the best.

    gps pendant

  • 24 hour high accuracy, real time tracking.

  • GPS based communication, with unlimited range in the US.

  • Powerful 2-way communication device.

  • Intelligent adjustable emergency level tiers. (3+ Settings)

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    medical braces

  • Durable, flexible, and sturdy. Offering support and mobility.

  • Sleek comfortable designs that don't impede motion.

  • Wearable under cloth due to compact structure.

  • Pain relieving and injury preventative.

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  • 08/16/2014

    "I would never have thought this situation could happen to me, but I was home alone ad heard a noise downstairs. I immediatley felt fear as I though someone might be trying to break in. I reached for my phone that is normally beside me, and I realized that I had left it downstairs. That's when I heard a window break. I just happened to be wearing my pendant, and pushed the emergency button. I then shouted at the intruder that I called the police, and when they heard the operator on the pendant's little speaker, I heard them run away. The police arrived minutes later, and everything was ok."

  • 11/15/2012

    "I honestly haven't had an emergency yet that merited using the pendant, thank goodness, but it really is nice just having the peace of mind that I wouldn't be stranded and alone if something went wrong. Really gives you your confidence back in living on your own, you know?"


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