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  • bionic eye: argus II, medical blog

    Argus II: The Bionic Eye

    By Trey VZ January 21, 2016

    The concept behind the Argus II is both complex and simplistic. Complex in nature by its intricate inner workings and the delicate science that...

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  • malaria vaccine, medical blog

    RTS-S Vaccine

    By Trey VZ December 15, 2015

    Malaria, a deadly force of nature that has been claiming scores of lives for many years. Each year the deadly infection claims the life of around...

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  • falling, medical blog

    The Truth About Fall Risk

    By Trey VZ Nov 19, 2015

    Who is at risk for falls? Technically, everyone is at risk of falling. The true culprit behind falls is gravity, and that is something that we are all...

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  • theranos: blood science, medical blog

    Theranos Initiative

    By Trey Vz Oct 22, 2015

    Theranos itself is a medical and health research organization that is on the forefront of medical science. The main focus of the company is on lab...

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  • back pain, medical blog

    Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

    By Trey VZ Sept 17, 2015

    Lumbar pain will at some point, affect the majority of us. According to a statistic from the CDC, more than 85% of Americans will experience some...

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