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X Care, Inc. has been an established supplier of medical equipment since 1997, giving us almost 20 years of experience in our field, and well over 75 years combined experience in our company. Our purpose is to help give independence, safety, and peace of mind back to our community.

While we do offer a variety of services, our specialty is in GPS Medical Alert Systems. Our medical alert systems are state of the art, implementing the newest and most powerful technology to ensure your safety in all situations.


Living Alone

It can be a challenge to live alone, sometimes even a terrifying idea no matter what age you are. Fortunately, we can give you the peace of mind to live alone, and enjoy your freedom, without ever really being alone. With our Medical Alert having 24 hour stand by, help is always there when you need it. Currently, more than 20,000 of our customers are enjoying the freedom of living alone.

24 Hour Security

The GPS Alert pendant isn't just for medical emergencies, though that is its primary usage. Help is on call 24 hours a day and always just the push of a button away. With the 3 tiered urgency system, you can determine who is contacted in what situation. So in what instances would this be a good feature? Well, how about locking your keys in your car? Maybe hearing suspicious noises when you are walking alone in the park, or even when you get lost? These may not be 911 emergencies, but the appropriate help is still on hand when you need them to be.

Fall Risks and Safety

This is more of a risk and danger for our senior customers, and it is a very real, very dangerous thing that most people like to believe doesn't apply to them. That alone is what makes it such a growing issue. So we help our customers not only to realize the danger of falls, but also in the importance of fall prevention. We also consult with them, and strongly recommend that they talk their physician about potential health risks that can contribute to, or directly cause a fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why couldn't I just use my cell phone for emergencies like this? That seems like it would be better, especially since I already have a phone.

Q: Is the device completely water-proof, or just highly water resistant? How long can it be in water without being damaged.

Q: Is the device expensive? These services seem like they would cost a lot of money.

A: In a perfect world, you could use a cell phone, every single time. The GPS pendant though has a much longer, more reliable battery life, with a 2 hour charge lasting 2 months. The pendant also has better coverage, as it operates off of GPS satellite, and not radio towers, meaning it often has a signal when cell phones don't. It is also faster than a cell phone, and easier to locate via GPS if you can't speak to tell the operator where you are.

A: The device is 100% water proof, and can be submerged indefinitely. It can be safely worn in the shower (which is where a lot of falls happen), in the pool , watering the garden, or even out on the lake. The purpose of the device is to keep you safe and make sure you can contact help in any situation, and with humans being 70% water, we foresaw you having to spend a lot of time around liquids.

A: No, it is very affordable. There is no startup fee, and you are not charged for the device itself, only the monthly service. The service is $34.95 a month, less than 1/4 of the average cell phone bill.