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If the product is damaged upon delivery, the customer shall be given a time period of up to, but not exceeding 15 days from the recorded delivery date to notify X Care, Inc. of the damage, and arrange for a replacement of the damaged product. Failure to notify X Care, Inc. of the damages within the allotted time frame will result in charges to the customer's account.


Cancellation of services shall require a 30 advance notice of the cancellation in order for the request to take effect, and for services and billing to cease. Failure to comply with the 30 day advance notice policy will result in a full month's payment being charged to the customer's account, by X Care, Inc. It shall be the customer's expressed responsibility to return the PERS unit within the aforementioned time frame prior to the completion of cancellation. If the customers fails to comply with this return policy, and the device is not returned within the 30 days, X Care, Inc. shall reserve the right to hold the customer liable for the full amount of replacement for the device, being three hundred dollars ($300.00).


All sales and charges to the customer's account, in compliance with our policies, shall be final and non-refundable upon initial agreement and receipt of startup fees.


After the initial trial period of 90 days has expired, the customer may return the device without any cancellation fees charged to the account. It shall be the customer's responsibility to pay for any fees or shipping charges involved in returning the product to X Care, Inc.

A $25 fee shall be applied to the customer's account for any/all instances of a charge being declined due to insufficient funds when X Care, Inc. processes monthly statements, should it be applicable.